Google Business Messaging Made Easy: The Zceppa Advantage

Google Business Messaging Made Easy: The Zceppa Advantage

In a world where instant connection is the norm, have you ever wondered how your business can stay ahead of the curve in engaging with customers? 

Google Business Messaging it is.

A game-changer in the digital communication realm, it offers a direct and dynamic avenue to connect with your audience like never before. 

92% of Google’s market share accounts for billions of searches per day. Out of this, 56% are on mobile devices. As business owners, we know that customers crave quick, convenient interactions. In fact, 88% of consumers seek message conversations with businesses, and Google Business Messaging caters precisely to that demand.

From real-time support to booking instant appointments and doing seamless transactions, the benefits are undeniable. It’s not just about reaching your audience; it’s about engaging them personally. It helps foster trust and, ultimately, boost your business’s success.

One thing to note here is that Google’s Business Messages is indeed a powerful tool that enables search-based consumers to instantly chat with businesses. However, it often flies under the radar as compared to more mainstream platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Conversations initiated through Google Business Messages provide a personalized interaction. It increases the likelihood of converting customer’s interest into actionable leads. On average, a local business receives 1260 views monthly. 45% of businesses receive appointment requests through Google Business Profile. Therefore, having tools that convert a profile visit to a lead becomes important.

Let’s get Conversational.

To effectively reach your customers at the opportune moments and to elevate customer communication and engagement, you need ongoing support and guidance on strategy and integration.

Choose Zceppa, the official Google Business Messaging Partner, to meet these requirements. Zceppa will help you leverage the messaging feature directly within your Google Business Profile. This engagement can positively influence local SEO.

What is Google Business Messaging?

Google Business Messages is an online chat feature for your business that is directly accessible across various Google entry points such as Google Search and Google Maps. It is even available across the Shopping tab and your channels, like your website and Google Business Profile.


Once you turn on your Google Business Chat, customers will see a chat button on their mobile devices against your said profiles, and they’ll be able to message you.

Google Business Messaging offers real-time communication between businesses and customers through various Google platforms. Let’s take a look at all the advantages it has for your business- 

Easy Messaging

Customers can easily connect with your business using the super easy Google business chat feature available on Google Search, Maps, and other platforms.

Automated Responses

Automation enables businesses to manage high volumes of messages effectively. They can categorize and prioritize messages, ensuring that critical inquiries receive immediate attention while routine matters are addressed systematically.

Additionally, automated appointment scheduling, order processing, and notifications contribute to a seamless customer experience. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual handling.

Rich Media Support

Google Business Messaging allows businesses to go beyond simple text-based interactions by directly supporting the sharing of rich media. 

For instance, businesses can share images or short video clips for showcasing products or links to direct customers to specific web pages. Documents like brochures can also be shared to exchange detailed information. Businesses can also share location information, making it convenient for customers to find physical stores or locations easily.

Customer Insights

Seamlessly integrates with other Google services, such as Google Business Profile, creating a cohesive online presence. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences through analytics and reporting tools.

Appointment Booking

Customers can easily schedule appointments directly through the messaging platform without the need to visit or call your business, streamlining the booking process.

Improved Customer Service

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quick responses, resolving issues promptly, and offering a more personalized experience. You can also keep customers informed with real-time updates, promotions, and important announcements through messaging.

The Importance of Partnering with an Official Provider 

Choosing an official Google Business Messaging Partner means choosing a trustworthy and dependable messaging solution. Official Messaging Partners like Zceppa will also help you comply with Google’s strict standards. Let’s take a look at some major advantages-

Trust and Credibility

Official partners are recognized and vetted by Google, instilling trust in their reliability and competence.

Adherence to Standards

Partners comply with Google’s stringent standards, ensuring that your business messaging aligns with industry best practices and security protocols.

Access to Latest Features

Official partners often have early access to new features and updates, providing your business with a competitive edge and access to cutting-edge messaging technologies.

Technical Expertise

Google Business Messaging Partners possess specialized knowledge and expertise, allowing them to navigate and optimize the platform effectively for your specific business needs.

Support and Resources

Partners often have direct access to Google’s support channels and resources, ensuring prompt assistance and resolutions for any issues that may arise.

Zceppa: Your Trusted Google Business Messaging Partner 

Zceppa: Your Trusted Google Business Messaging Partner

Zceppa stands out as a distinguished official Google Business Messaging Partner. Trust and expertise are at the core of our business communication solutions. 

Usually, when you get messages through Google Maps, websites, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or other platforms, you need to switch between the platforms to reply to the conversations. But thanks to the unified dashboard of Zceppa Interact, you can have all your business messages in one place. There is no need to switch between platforms or devices.

Zceppa offers extensive messaging capabilities to local businesses, but for businesses with multiple locations, it is indeed a boon.  For example, let’s say you have 25 different locations. Now, any of the 25 locations can come up when a consumer searches for your business online, depending on their location. Let’s say they click on the Google Business Chat icon, so you, as a business, can respond through the Google business profile or Google Maps.

But 25 different locations means 25 different interfaces. It makes it extremely cumbersome, so much so that navigating between these interfaces and keeping a record of which chat is from which location is nearly impossible.

If only business messages from all platforms got integrated into a single place, right? So that’s the first thing that Zceppa does. It gives you a unified inbox.

Zceppa Interact


Zceppa’s official messaging partnership status signifies a commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards. Possessing a wealth of experience, Zceppa has been delivering exceptional results ever since- 

113% Increase in conversation rates

27% Increase in sales

Advantages of Using Zceppa for Business Messages

Zceppa is a very powerful solution for Google Business Messaging that offers a myriad of advantages. From enhanced customer engagement to streamlined communication, this platform revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their audience. Let’s delve into the key benefits that make Zceppa a game-changer in the realm of Google Business Messaging-

Seamless Integration and Setup

With a super easy interface, Zceppa’s onboarding process is very quick and straightforward. It minimizes downtime and ensures swift integration into existing systems. Additionally, the user-friendly setup contributes to increased efficiency.

Zceppa has successfully managed 1000s of profiles for 100s of clients. This extensive experience uniquely positions us to assist businesses in claiming, verifying, and getting their Google Business Profile live. Since getting your profile live is a fundamental requirement to have Business Messages configured, having Zceppa as your partner will also ensure the accuracy, completeness, and optimization of your profile for enhanced visibility.

High-Intent Inbound Customer Queries

Zceppa accelerates configuring brand chat agents across your Google Business Profiles (GBP) at all locations. It creates an infrastructure for businesses to receive high-intent inbound leads, respond to them from Google via messaging, and ultimately convert them into sales.

Real-Time Notifications

Respond quickly to new inquiries and get started in seconds. Even if you forget to reply or miss out on an inquiry, you can always visit it later by clicking on these notifications.

Advanced Messaging Features and Customization

Zceppa’s versatile messaging options cater to diverse communication needs.

You can use the in-built templates and pre-approved content to quickly converse with customers. With its unfailing support for multimedia, real-time collaboration, and unique message formatting, Zceppa offers extensive customization for a personalized user experience.

Conversation Starters

On the Zceppa Interact dashboard, you can set up your brand and type your welcome message. So, now, when anyone chats with you, the first reply from your end will be that welcome message.

You can also set up what are called conversation starters; for example, your first starter can be “Hello! How can I help You?”. And then you can also add potential responses for the end consumers to pick from, for example, “I would like to make a sales inquiry”, “I would like to book an appointment,” etc.

Koverhouse hotel


Conversation Labeling

Zceppa Interact lets you tag your conversations based on purpose so that if you want to come back to them later, you don’t have difficulty finding the chats.  You can say it’s a new lead or service inquiry or however, you want to tag it.  Not just the chat, you can also tag the customer. For example, you can tag the customer as “follow-up”, or it could be segments of the lead, like whether it is a warm lead or cold lead.

Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting

With the Zceppa Interact dashboard, you have access to the complete history of every customer interaction. You can track conversations by marking them read and unread. These comprehensive monitoring tools provide real-time visibility into communication patterns.

The advanced in-built analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and continuously improve performance. The Interact dashboard will help you see how many conversations you have had, what the different leads you got, and what was the monthly interaction trend like. 

Lastly, with unparalleled reporting capabilities, Zceppa lets you track performance metrics and measure user engagement.

Zceppa interact - conversation rate


Enhanced Productivity

When you have an efficient communication tool at your hand, the whole process of getting inquiries, replying to them, tracking them, and retargeting them becomes easier. It contributes to increased individual and team productivity.

Furthermore, the streamlined processes and insights from analytics help optimize organizational strategies.

Bonus Tip: By collating reviews from customers and offering a unified dashboard to check them, Zceppa can also help you with review management and local SEO.

Overall, Zceppa attracts high-intent consumers to your Google Business Profile through the power of a well-managed & accurate Google Business Profile and Reviews.

Real-World Success Story

Let’s take a look at how Zceppa implemented Zceppa Interact in a Globally recognized healthcare brand with operations in 12 countries, including 24 multispeciality hospitals with 1200+ doctors across 16 cities in India.

The Issue at Hand

With a network of 24 hospitals in 16 cities, every hospital had Google chat enabled for patients to engage directly from search. However, the hospital did not have a unified inbox across all their hospitals to view and respond to all inbound patient inquiries from Google Chat.

The call center team had to manually track and respond to inbound patient inquiries for each of the hospitals. 

This led to significant inefficiencies – delays, missed communication, incorrect responses – resulting in poor patient experience and lost revenue.

Zceppa’s Solution

The hospital implemented Zceppa Interact.

It enabled seamless communication from Google across all network hospitals, helping improve patient experience and boost conversions. The hospital team was equipped with 2-way communication via Google’s Business Messaging across all 23 hospitals through a unified inbox. 

Real-time alerts, notifications, and ticketing features ensured quick response time and speedy resolution of inbound queries.

Tangible Results

  • 2760 Inbound inquiries received across 23 hospitals via Google Business Chat in 7 months
  • 10X Improvement in response times
  • 50% Improvement in productivity & reduction in cost
  • 10% converted to inpatient admission
  • 2.75+ Crores Incremental monthly revenue realized

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Google Business Messaging Agents?

Google Business Messages (GBM) Agents are automated conversational agents or chatbots that businesses can use to engage with customers through Google’s messaging platform.

How Many Agents Can a Business Launch?

Businesses cannot launch an agent by themselves; they need a third-party API for that. Google Business Messaging Partners can launch one agent for each brand/business they manage.

Can Agent Responses Be Automated?

Yes, agent responses can be automated to streamline customer interactions and provide quick, consistent answers.

Why Do Agents Get Rejected?

Agents may be rejected due to policy violations, inadequate functionality, or issues with user experience, prompting businesses to refine their implementations.


In conclusion, choosing Zceppa as your partner for Google Business Messaging brings a myriad of advantages to your business, including:

  • Seamless customer interactions,
  • Unified dashboard,
  • Enhanced communication,
  • Real-time notifications,
  • Automated Replies, and
  • Ticket Follow-Ups
  • Improves local SEO

Furthermore, Zceppa’s official partnership with Google Business Messaging solidifies our commitment to excellence. This collaboration is not just about the present but is a key driver for long-term success. 

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