Google Business Profile Ready Reckoner: How to Avoid GBP Suspension

Google Business Profile Ready Reckoner: How to Avoid GBP Suspension

Google Business Profile is not just a listing; it’s your digital storefront, your virtual handshake with the world. 

Creating a Google Business Profile is important because it ensures your business is discoverable when potential customers search for products or services in your area on Google Search and Google Maps. It’s where potential customers find essential information about your business, from contact details to operating hours. 

A well-maintained Google Business Profile with accurate information, photos, and positive reviews builds trust with potential customers.

This blog will provide a comprehensive guide to navigating the landscape of Google Business Profiles and equip you with strategies to minimize the risk of GBP suspension.

What is GBP Suspension?

Formerly known as Google My Business, a Google Business Profile (GBP) suspension occurs when Google restricts or disables your business’s profile for various reasons (discussed in a later section). Google will send an email notifying you of the suspension. There’s no need to delete your Google Business Profile.

The email will include the reason(s) for suspension, along with requisite measures to resolve it. Once you’ve resolved the issues, you can request a reinstatement of your profile. Google will review your case, and if the issues are addressed, they will reactivate your profile.

GBP Suspension - Google notice

The average Google Business Profile receives 33 clicks per month, and over 16% of the profiles receive more than 100 calls per month. But while suspended, you will lose the ability to manage or edit your Google Business Profile. Your profile will also be no longer visible to the users.

Hence, it is vital to ensure that your profile follows all the guidelines to avoid suspension in the first place. 

Reasons for Google Business Profile Suspension

Navigating the digital landscape requires adhering to the standards set by major platforms like Google. A Google Business Profile (GBP) suspension can be a significant setback for businesses aiming to maintain a strong online presence. The primary reasons for GBP suspensions range from content manipulation attempts to more severe policy breaches. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons for suspension.

Spammy Profile

Crafting a profile with deceptive or irrelevant information in an effort to manipulate search results constitutes spammy behavior.

Inaccurate Information

Supplying false or misleading data about your business, including inaccurate addresses, phone numbers, or operational hours, may lead to profile suspension.

Fake Reviews

Generating or soliciting counterfeit reviews to artificially boost your rating or reputation goes against Google’s policies.

Lately, this is becoming really common as businesses in an overzealous mode try to obtain reviews from non-customers such as friends, contacts, paid reviews, etc. to boost their profile ranking on Local Packs. But Google’s algorithm can be brutal, as even if there is an inkling of suspicion, immediate suspension occurs. Our team has come across businesses where such activities led to all of the locations’ profiles being suspended. 

Team Zceppa has helped businesses to reinstate suspended profiles – the process can be long. 

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Engaging in Illegal Activities

If your business is found to be involved in illegal activities, your Google Business Profile will be suspended.

Duplicate Information (Multiple GBP Listings)

If your business is found to be involved in illegal activities, your Google Business Profile will be suspended.

Creating multiple profiles for the same business location or establishing multiple businesses sharing identical phone numbers and addresses can result in GBP suspension.

Keyword-Stuffed Business Names

Using excessive or irrelevant keywords in your business name to manipulate search results can also trigger a suspension.

This is the most common cause. Businesses should avoid adding <business category> e.g. salon, dentist, restaurant, etc., <locality or neighborhood> e.g. MG Road, Vasant Kunj, etc. or adding keywords like “Best, Top Rated, etc.” 

The business name should ideally reflect the signage verbatim! No two ways about it. Team Zceppa has years of experience in monitoring & guiding businesses so their profiles stay squeaky clean along with our Zceppa Listings product.

Policy Violation

Violating Google’s content and review policies, such as posting prohibited content or engaging in fraudulent activities, can result in suspension.

Updates to Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes include Business Name, Primary Category, Pin Marker/Address, or Phone Number changes.

Updating primary attributes almost always triggers what is called a Google Verification. In some situations, this can potentially lead to a GBP suspension. Multiple and frequent updates could definitely lead to Google Business Profile suspension, too. 

We had an instance of a Two-wheeler EV OEM having mass suspensions of their GBP’s when a relevant category was updated as a Primary Category across their profiles. Typically, these take time to reinstate and reverify all of them.

Key Measures to Minimize the Chances of Profile Suspension

The foundation of a resilient Google Business Profile lies in its accuracy, consistency, and authenticity. When potential customers turn to search engines, they seek reliable information. Therefore, ensuring that every detail, from your operating hours to your contact details, is consistent across platforms is not just about adhering to Google’s guidelines and minimizing the chances of profile suspension but about building trust with your audience.

Some key steps to creating a Google Business Profile that wins are:

1) Maintain a Strong Profile

Ensure that your business details, including name, address, phone number, and operating hours, are accurate and consistent across all online platforms. 

Inconsistent information can trigger Google’s suspicion.

Complete and accurate listings get 7x more clicks than those missing information and are 70% more likely to attract location visits.

Keep your profile current to reflect any changes in your business, such as seasonal hours, holiday closures, or contact information updates. Outdated information can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential profile suspension.

2) Compliance with HIPAA and Google’s Policy Statement

Strict compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is essential for healthcare industry businesses. 

Additionally, acquaint yourself with Google’s content and review policies, particularly those pertinent to healthcare, to maintain a compliant and reputable online presence.

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3) Quality Content and Images Only

Your profile should genuinely reflect your business, its products or services, and its values. Every social media content that you post should be authentic only.

Avoid using stock photos or unrelated images. Instead, upload clear and high-quality images that accurately represent your business.

4) Regular Monitoring and Audit for Any Changes or Edits, and Vouching the Same

Proactive business listing management is the key here.

Regularly monitor for unauthorized changes, acting promptly to correct any suspicious alterations, preserving the accuracy and integrity of your profile. If someone else manages your profile, ensure they understand your business policies and monitor their actions for alignment with both your business values and Google’s guidelines.

By following these measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of Google Business Profile suspension and maintain a positive online reputation. Regularly review Google’s policies to stay updated on any changes that may impact your profile.


In conclusion, a strong Google Business Profile is a vital asset, enhancing trust and visibility. Therefore, safeguarding it is essential. To minimize suspension risks and maintain profile accuracy while complying with regulations such as HIPAA, consider leveraging Zceppa’s capabilities. 

With its proactive, nudge-based approach, Zceppa can help you standardize your listings, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and completeness. This includes tasks like responding to Q&As, updating photos/videos, menus, opening hours, and showcasing your products and services effectively.

Additionally, continuous vigilance and adherence to Google’s policies ensure a positive online reputation. By doing so, you secure the long-term success of your business in the digital realm, attracting and retaining customers who trust and value your online presence.

If you would like to keep your Google business profile up to date and dominate local search, sign up for a free trial.

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