Digital Dial-In: The Process of Updating Phone Number on Google Business Profile

Digital Dial-In: The Process of Updating Phone Number on Google Business Profile

Ever wondered why you get so few new inquiries via phone calls? Could the key lie in the digits of your business phone number on your Google Business Profile? What if your contact details are outdated or missing? What if the person whose number you’ve mentioned on your profile left your company long back? 

It’s a common predicament, and if you’re nodding in agreement, it is time you update your current business phone number on your Google Business Profile. 


64% of people find contact information of local businesses from their respective Google Business Profiles. 25-40% of these inbound phone calls turn into customers. 

In this quick-fire blog, we’ll assist you in navigating the process of updating and changing your mobile numbers on GBP, guaranteeing that potential clients and customers can effortlessly connect with your business. But first, let’s explore why having an updated phone number is essential.

Why is it Important to Maintain an Updated Phone Number on Google Business Profile?

Having an up-to-date Google Business Profile with accurate contact information is not just a convenience but a strategic necessity. A valid phone number ensures potential customers can easily reach out, fostering better communication and customer engagement. In fact, 60% of the people prefer to call a business before visiting, seeking quick information or clarification.

Here are a few reasons for having an updated phone number on your GBP- 

1) Business Credibility

A current phone number enhances your business’s credibility, signaling to customers that your information is reliable and up-to-date. It establishes trust, which is crucial for building a positive online reputation.

2) Local Search Rankings

When determining local search rankings, Google’s algorithms consider the completeness and accuracy of business information, including contact details. An updated phone number contributes to better visibility in local searches, potentially attracting more customers to your business.

3) Customer Convenience and Loyalty

Easy access to accurate contact information makes it more convenient for customers to connect with your business. Providing a seamless experience enhances customer satisfaction and promotes loyalty.

4) Avoiding Lost Opportunities

Outdated phone numbers can result in missed business opportunities, as potential customers may be unable to reach you. Keeping your contact details current ensures you don’t lose out on valuable leads and sales.

5) Compliance with Google’s Guidelines

Maintaining accurate business information aligns with Google’s guidelines for creating a trustworthy online environment. Adhering to these guidelines can positively impact your business’s online visibility and reputation.

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Identifying Common Challenges When Updating Phone Numbers on Google Business Profile

As simple as it may sound, businesses encounter certain challenges when updating their phone number on Google Business Profile. Let’s look at these challenges and some practical insights to overcome these obstacles effectively.

Inconsistent Information Across Platforms

Businesses often encounter difficulties in maintaining consistent contact details across various online platforms. This challenge arises due to the dynamic nature of business information, changes in operational aspects, or oversight in updating multiple online profiles. Factors such as employee turnover, cumbersome verification processes, internal communication lapses, and the influence of third-party websites also contribute to the complexity. Additionally, businesses with multiple locations face the task of synchronizing numerous listings.

Difficulty with Google Business Profile Account 

Accessing the Google Business Profile dashboard can be a roadblock for businesses. Challenges may include trouble claiming or verifying the business, incorrect information displayed, or access problems. Claiming a business may be hindered by ownership disputes, outdated contact information, or issues with the verification process. Access problems may stem from forgotten login credentials or unauthorized access attempts.

Effective troubleshooting ensures a well-maintained and accurate Google Business Profile, essential for online visibility and customer engagement. This sets the stage for the subsequent section, where solutions are presented to empower businesses to overcome these hurdles.

Strategies for Overcoming Phone Number Challenges on Google Business Profile 

Understanding that the challenges mentioned above can negatively impact a business’s online presence and customer trust is crucial. Resolving these difficulties involves several steps. Let’s take a strategic look at those steps-

Consolidating Contact Information

A bulletproof strategy is to create a centralized document containing all relevant contact details for your business. Include phone numbers, addresses, and other crucial information. Regularly update this document and use it as a reference when making changes on different platforms. By adopting these measures, businesses can establish a solid foundation for accurate and consistent contact details.

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Steps to Regain Access to Google My Business (Now Known As Google Business Profile)

We recommend utilizing Google’s account recovery options for businesses facing difficulties in accessing their GBP account. All you need to do is visit the GBP login page and click on the “Need help?” link. 

Google provides:

  • Options for recovering a forgotten password.
  • Verifying ownership through email or phone.
  • Seeking support from their team.

Businesses can swiftly regain control over their GBP account by understanding and following the account recovery steps. This ensures that they can update their phone numbers and other details without unnecessary delays.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Update/Change the Contact Number

Following these steps, you can successfully update the contact number associated with your Google Business Profile. Keep in mind that changes may take some time to reflect publicly.

1) Open your GBP

Open the Google Account that manages your business profile and go to the Google Business Profile Dashboard by clicking at the following link-

2) Click on Info in the dashboard

Choose the business for which you want to update the phone number. You will be redirected to Google’s New Merchant Experience, where GBP edits can be made directly within the search engine page results.

Google Business Profile - Dashboard

3) Select the ‘Phone Number’ field

Scroll down to find the section where your contact details are listed.

Zceppa - Google Business Profile

4) Update the New GBP Phone Number

Below your GBP listing overview, you’ll see an ‘Edit your business information’ option. Click on it, and the business information section will expand, allowing you to edit each section. Find the contact information tab.

GBP - Contact number updation

Under contact information, you will find the phone number section, where you will see an edit icon (usually a pencil). Click on it and enter the new contact number in the provided field. You can enter up to 2 additional phone numbers in addition to your primary business phone number. The numbers must be mobile or landline, not fax.

5) Verify the Changes

To ensure the accuracy of the changes, you need to verify them. Google may initiate a phone call to the updated number with a verification code which you’ll have to enter in your GBP to confirm the changes.

Alternatively, Google may send the code to the updated contact number via text message. You can also receive the verification code or link in the email address associated with your business account. In some cases, Google may opt for a verification method where it will send a physical postcard to the business address containing a code that needs to be entered online. 

However, if your business has already been verified through Google Search Console, your changes may be automatically verified without entailing any additional steps.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to update my GBP mobile number, but it’s been in review for the last 4 days. When will it be updated?

As per the current guidance from Google on phone numbers in India, Google has taken extra steps to ensure a phone number is accurate. These steps help guard a Business Profile’s integrity. Hence, if your edits are pending, it means Google is still reviewing them.

Are GBP phone numbers taking 30 days now?

A few reported cases have reported that phone number updates are taking 30 days now. If you don’t get it resolved via GBP support, we recommend posting it on the GBP Forum.

Why can’t I update my phone number on Google My Business?

Google might not be updating your new business phone number for several reasons. Make sure your GBP profile is verified. Once verified, you can edit your number. A safe way to do it is to check that the phone number you add follows Google’s business guidelines. 


Knowing how to create a Google Business Profile is a one-time task, but ongoing maintenance is crucial. Regularly update business hours, contact information, and services to ensure accurate online representation. Keeping your profile current with a valid contact number enhances visibility on Google Search and Maps and builds trust with customers, ultimately leading to conversion.

Consistent maintenance reflects positively on your business’s professionalism and customer engagement. It contributes to a positive online presence and fosters stronger connections with your audience.

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