WhatsApp Messaging Limits Explained

WhatsApp Messaging Limits Explained

WhatsApp Per User Marketing Template Messaging Limits Explained

What Is the Latest Meta Policy on Messaging Limits?

As part of the commitment to keeping the WhatsApp Platform a high-quality space for people to engage with businesses, starting May 23, 2024, the Per-User Marketing Template Message limit will be rolled out globally.

The policy sets a limit on the number of marketing conversations a user can receive from any business over a specific timeframe. This limit specifically applies to marketing template messages that would initiate a new marketing conversation. If there is already an ongoing marketing conversation between your business and a WhatsApp user, any additional marketing template messages sent will not be subject to this limit.

Note: Meta determines the limit based on the number of marketing template messages a person has already received from any business and is not related to your business specifically.

If you are a business using WhatsApp for Business to send bulk messaging campaigns to your customers, this new policy affects you immediately.

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What Can Businesses Do To Prevent Failures?

This means that businesses should ensure that messages are targeted to the right audience and that the contacts are expecting their messages. Check out 360Dialog documentation for Best Practices for sending campaigns.

Increasing Your Limit

Messaging limits can be increased to the following:

  • 1K business-initiated conversations
  • 10K business-initiated conversations
  • 100K business-initiated conversations
  • An unlimited number of business-initiated conversations

Per Meta, you can increase your messaging limit to 1K on your own using the following methods. Higher limits, however, can only be achieved through automatic scaling, which happens after your limit has been increased to 1K.

Note that your business phone number must have a connected status to be eligible for an increase. If your business phone number has a low quality rating, it may continue to be limited to 250 business-initiated conversations until its quality rating improves.

So make sure your business is verified and you follow standard best practices when crafting templated messages.

Sending High-Quality Messages

If you are rejected for business or identity verification, ensure that you are sending high-quality messages. Meta usually periodically reevaluates your messaging activity and quality and may approve an increase. Here are some guidelines for sending high-quality messages:

  1. Adhere to WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy: Ensure all messages comply with the official WhatsApp business messaging policy guidelines.
  2. Target Opted-In Users: Send messages only to users who have opted in to receive communications from your business.
  3. Personalize and Add Value: Craft messages that are highly personalized and genuinely useful to the recipients. Avoid generic welcome or introductory messages.
  4. Mindful Messaging Frequency: Avoid overwhelming your customers with too many messages in a day. Optimize informational messages for both content and length.
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Request an Increase

If you completed business verification or identity verification, or have met the 1K conversations in 30 days threshold, but are still limited to 250 business-initiated conversations, you can open a direct support ticket and request a messaging tier upgrade with Meta (Ask a Question > WABiz: Phone Number & Registration > Request type > Request a Messaging Tier Upgrade).

Based on your support submission and messaging quality, Meta will either approve or deny an increase.


WhatsApp for Business is a channel that has become critical for businesses and brands to speak with their customers. However, with rising spam & unwanted intrusion on the platform, Meta is clamping down on spam, poor-quality of messages, and blocking & reporting of contacts. This comes as a direct response to the rising threat of unwanted contact and in an effort to make the platform safer and a true marketing channel where consumers who choose can directly speak to brands. 

We will wait and watch on how these efforts will serve the purpose. In the meantime, it is crucial for businesses to understand these policies and guard their WABAs against suspension, and continue to provide superior customer experiences.

As always, for any questions & clarifications, please do not hesitate to write us at [email protected]

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