How Zceppa Enabled Social Sharing at Scale Across 250+ Google Business Profiles

How Zceppa Enabled Social Sharing at Scale Across 250+ Google Business Profiles

Globally recognized healthcare brand with operations in 12 countries, including 24 multispeciality hospitals with 1200+ doctors located in 16 cities of India.

How Zceppa Enabled Social Sharing at Scale Across 250+ Google Business Profiles

Key Metrics


Posts published in 6 months


Posts published in 6 months


In today’s digital age, social content plays a significant role in the decision-making process of consumers. In fact, 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or healthcare facility.

Most consumer searches for healthcare services are location-specific , specifically for particular medical specialties or health conditions. Therefore, healthcare social content needs to be tailored to health conditions/location/specialty for it to gain the most traction and engagement.

2/3 of Healthcare searches

Are location-specific or hyperlocal in nature

>50% of these searches

Are for specific medical specialties or health conditions

76 % ‘Near Me’ searches

Lead to consumer action within 24 hrs

Challenges – Mechanism for social sharing across Google

Lack of a technology tool to manage engagement on Google Business Profiles of hospitals, doctors & specialties. No mechanism to centrally share & manage content specific to these different profile groups.

Solution – Social Content Scheduling & Sharing

Zceppa’s Marketing Platform and Discovery Product suite ensured every touch point in their network was optimized for hyperlocal search discovery and conversions.

Enabled the digital team at Medicover hospitals to publish location and specialty or doctor-specific content on Google Business Profile with ease. Scheduling empowered the team to publish content in a planned manner.

Additionally, 275+ Google Business Profiles (GBP) of hospitals, doctors , specialties, and fertility centers were integrated with Zceppa and set up for regular content publishing and social sharing.

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