How Zceppa helped Medicover unify hyperlocal marketing activities

How Zceppa helped Medicover unify hyperlocal marketing activities

Globally recognized healthcare brand with operations in 12 countries

Key Metrics


Profiles ranked for 3-times more hyperlocal searches


Review response rate


Google posts published through Zceppa


Inbound enquiries via Google Business Messaging


Improvement in response rate

About The Customer

Medicover is a globally recognized healthcare brand with operations in 12 countries: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, and India.

Medicover is a leading multispecialty hospital chain with a significant presence in India. Spread across four states—Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka—Medicover hospitals treat millions of patients every year and focus on augmenting healthcare standards and outcomes.

Medicover hospitals provide a broad spectrum of healthcare services and have an extensive network of clinics, hospitals, specialty care facilities, fertility centers, and diagnostic labs. All 25+ hospitals/clinics have renowned medical teams that work with the latest technologies and international evidence-based protocols, offering the most comprehensive treatment across all specialties of medicine.


Driven by broader smartphone adoption, digital is revolutionizing how patients find, engage with, and choose healthcare providers today. It is now a vital channel for new patient acquisition and engagement, impacting every step in the patient journey—discovery, engagement, and choice.


In their moment of need, consumers rely on search and social channels to find healthcare providers.

  • 88% of smartphone users search online for healthcare services
  • 1 in 3 use social media to find providers

Most healthcare searches are “location-specific” or “near me” in nature and over 70% of them are for a specific specialty or condition.

  • 2 in 3 healthcare searches are “location-specific” or “near me” searches 
  • 250 million+: Monthly hyperlocal searches by specialty or condition in India

Examples: Gynecologist near me, Best neurologist in Noida, Child specialist near me, etc.

Patients or caregivers doing hyperlocal searches have immediate needs and high-intent

  • 76% of consumers doing “near me” searches take action within 24 hours
  • They call, message, book an appointment, or visit a hospital


Two-way live chat via direct messaging for enquiries and support is mainstream now. Based on their discovery journey, patients expect to be able to seamlessly message providers from a platform of their choice – WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Insta DMs, and more.


Gen Z and Gen X consumers prefer messaging healthcare providers over other channels


Expect timely & relevant response to their queries


Expect self-service scheduling options


Trust is a key choice driver today. Mobile-first consumers increasingly rely on online reputation to make decisions. 4Rs – Reviews, ratings, recency, and response – are key factors that influence the decisions of patients/caregivers::


  •  88% of patients read online reviews before choosing a new doctor/hospital
  • 89% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations


  • 75% of patients consider star ratings as the most important factor


  • 50% of patients look at reviews posted in the past 1-month


  • 89% of patients are more likely to choose a provider responding to all reviews


Medicover has 22+ hospitals and 650+ doctors across their entire hospital network. They understood the importance of Google’s “near me” search and the power of online reputation and seamless omnichannel engagement to drive patient growth across their doctor and hospital network.

Medicover’s digital team was at the forefront, creating Google Business Profiles (GBP) for all their hospitals and doctors to maximize new patient acquisition from “near me” search on Google. Howeve, they faced the following challenges:

1. Listings Management: With 675+ Google Business Profiles(GBP) across all their hospitals and doctors, it was next to impossible for Medicover’s team to manage these profiles centrally. They needed automation and a tool that could help them manage and monitor all their GBPs and provide a layer of intelligent exception management.

2. Analytics & Insights: Marketing team at Medicover wanted search analytics and insights at a cluster, hospital and specialty level every month. With no technology solution, they were doing this manually, making it a significant drain on productivity and resources

3. Review Management: Considering the significance of Google ratings and reviews, Medicover’s marketing and operations teams wanted to track and monitor new patient reviews received by every one of their Google Business Profiles both at a hospital level and centrally

4. Response Management: Responding to all patient reviews within 24-hours was a key operational metric for Medicover. However, they were responding manually to patient reviews on Google, making it difficult to always meet this key operational metric. Further, there was a significant cost incurred in deploying manual effort for review response.

5. Content & Social Media Management: As contextual content is key to patient engagement, Medicover’s content marketing team wanted to share content selectively or collectively across all 675+ profiles. For example, they wanted to share Women’s Health related content selectively across all Gynecologists in their hospital network, whereas festive wishes and promotions were targeted across all 675+ Google profiles. They did not have a mechanism to do this efficiently, at scale and were relying on an inefficient, time-consuming manual process.

6. Direct Messaging – Unified Inbox: With direct messaging emerging as a key channel for patient communication, particularly among younger consumers, Medicover wanted to centralize, track and respond to patient messages from Live chat on Google. They had enabled the chat option on each of their 22 hospital profiles on Google, but did not have a mechanism to centrally track and respond to inbound messages.


Zceppa’s all-in-one marketing and engagement platform helped Medicover address each of these challenges in an effective and efficient manner, adding significant value to Medicover. With a single integrated tool, Medicover’s marketing, digital, content, and operations team could easily manage 675+ profiles across their network, get analytics and insights, monitor patient reviews, respond to patient reviews, and manage inbound direct messages from Google.

Here is how Zceppa’s comprehensive product suite addressed each of Medicover’s problems, helping them derive significant value, achieve superior outcomes, and improve efficiencies across their vast network.

1. Zceppa Listings, Multi-Profile Manager & Central Dashboard: Enabled Medicover Hospital to manage listings of all their 675 profiles centrally. Alerts and notifications for any changes or questions at a profile level are relayed to the central dashboard helping the Medicover’s marketing team stay on top of unwarranted profile modifications and patient queries. Multi-profile manager enabled them to view/get analytics and insight repots at a cluster, hospital and specialty level on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

2. Zceppa Reviews: Empowered marketing and operations teams at Medicover to track and monitor daily, weekly and monthly reviews received at a profile level centrally.

3. Zceppa Smart Reply: Powered Medicover hospital to respond to patient reviews across every profile in a personalized manner in near real-time. This eliminated the need for manual effort enabling them to consistently meet their key operational metric – responding to all patient reviews in 24-hours.

4. Zceppa Social: Helped Medicover’s content marketing team to selectively or collectively share content based on need and occasion. This improved efficiency and effectiveness, enabling them to post content regularly across doctor and hospital profiles on Google.
5. Zceppa Interact & Ticketing: As an official Google Business Messaging partner, Zceppa Interact helped unify, track and respond to inbound chats from Google across all 22 hospitals centrally. Alerts and notifications for new messages improved response rate and ticketing enabled the team to assign conversation to relevant departments for further follow through. 

Business Outcomes

Zceppa’s all-in-one platform made life easy and seamless for Medicover’s marketing, content and operations teams. Automation, personalization, centralization and unification helped improve productivity, lower cost and enhance effectiveness. Daily, weekly and monthly reports enabled easy tracking, identification of improvement areas and follow-through. Alerts and notifications improved responsiveness and patient experience across their hospital network.


Meghanath Rugada – CEOs Office, Medicover Hospitals

“Zceppa’s all-in-one platform makes it simple and cost-effective to manage 24 hospitals and 600+ doctors across digital platforms. Our team schedules 100s of social media posts, automate and personalize review responses, track and monitor patient reviews, get analytics and insights and centrally monitor and respond to inbound enquiries seamlessly.”

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