How Zceppa Increased Near Me Search Visibility & Win More Leads From Google

How Zceppa Increased Near Me Search Visibility & Win More Leads From Google

Leading car dealer of #l automotive brand with 30+ locations

Key Metrics


Reviews generated in 6 months

3.9 to 4.4

Rating improvement


Growth in search visibility


Increase in monthly leads resulting in 500X RO1


Today’s consumers have moved online and digital engagement is dominating consumer to business interactions. Consumers buying journey starts with online search and it is no different for Auto Dealerships

2 in 3

Buyers find a dedlership through Google Search


Growth in Dealers ‘Near Me’ Search


‘Near Me’ searches lead to a visit/ phone call in 24 hours


Growth in service used cars search queries

Challenges – Lack of consistent digital presence on Google

Lack of Consistent Digital Presence & Local Content

Inconsistent Digital Presence: Dealer had incomplete, inaccurate & duplicate listings for many locations on Google, adversely affecting ‘Near Me’ search discovery

No Local Content Strategy: Despite 100s of new customer interactions & deliveries every month, no compelling local content was getting generated (Reviews/Posts/Stories)


Increase ‘Near Me’ search visibility of all locations organically and win more leads from Google

Solution – Listing Management & Local SEO strategies

Zceppa’s Discovery Products Ensured ‘Near Me’ Search Dominance In 3 Actionable Steps

The Listing Manager is able to remove duplicity. The feature can also help create & manage complete & accurate listings for multiple locations at a scale. Additionally, proactive notifications can help the business stay on top of Q&A, updates & edits, and listing status changes.

This feature empowers dealer locations to convert every customer interaction into a review. The in-moment process can further improve review generation, by helping the business increase open & conversion rates.

Social Manager enables regular local posts that convert everyday activities into compelling digital content. Simple, easy-to-use, & pre-approved templates for key activities are available for local content posts. Visibility & engagement can be enhanced with regular posts of happy Customers receiving delivery, new product launches, latest offers, etc.

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