How Zceppa Interact Increased Organic Leads by 3X via Google Business Messages

How Zceppa Interact Increased Organic Leads by 3X via Google Business Messages

Leading Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer With Over 30 Locations and Services

How Zceppa Interact Increased Organic Leads by 3X via Google Business Messages

Key Metrics


Inbound messages in 90 days


High-quality enquiries per day


Were genuine enquiries


Were new leads


Of enquiries converted into a sale


Conversion rates higher than other channels


ROI delivered


Did you know that two-thirds of new car buyers discover dealership touchpoints through Google Search? That’s right, Google Search plays a crucial role in driving customers to car dealerships.

Engaging with businesses through messaging channels is becoming increasingly popular among mobile-first consumers. In fact, 75% of these consumers prefer messaging over phone calls, according to a recent study by Conversocial.

For a car dealership looking to enhance its customer acquisition strategy, focusing on Google Search and messaging channels is essential.

2 in 3 New Car Buyers

Find dealership touchpoints via Google search

60% of Automotive

Searches come from a mobile device

75% of Buyers

Prefer messaging over phone calls

Challenges – Lack of 2-Way chat support for customers

While consumers rely on Google Search & Maps to find and engage with sales & service touch points of car dealerships, there were two key challenges:


Digital Presence – Consumers were unable to directly message the business from either of these channels (Google Search & Maps). They always had to make a phone call.


Asynchronous communication – In case consumers had queries after business hours or on holidays, they couldn’t ask the same right then and there and let the business answer them during business hours. It always had to be in real-time – consumers had to wait till the next business day and then reach out to the business with their queries.

Solution – Google Business Messages based Chat Inbox

Zceppa Interact enabled seamless omnichannel communication, helping improve customer experience and boosting conversions.

Business Messaging

Zceppa, an official partner for Google’s Business Messages, recommended and enabled Business Messaging for 5 dealership touchpoints (Sales & Service) on Google through Zceppa Interact.

Brand Chat Agents

Zceppa’s partnership accelerated configuring “brand chat agents” across Google Business Profiles (GBP) of all 5 locations, creating an infrastructure for them to receive and respond to inbound customer queries from Google via messaging.

Unified Inbox

Zceppa’s Interact platform enabled the team at Vishnu Cars to handle inbound customer queries from all 5 locations centrally. Near real-time notifications ensured the teams were highly responsive, helping them review, track and respond to new customer messages.

Key Takeaways

  • Consumers today expect information instantaneously in their moment of need.
  • By implementing messaging via Google, Vishnu Cars was able to get high-intent inbound leads and convert them into sales.

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