How Zceppa Helped Increase Patient Enquries & Walk-ins from Google Business Messaging

How Zceppa Helped Increase Patient Enquries & Walk-ins from Google Business Messaging

135-Bedded NABH Accredited Multi-Speciality Hospital in Ranchi

How Zceppa Helped Increase Patient Enquries & Walk-ins from Google Business Messaging

Key Metrics


New Google reviews using Zceppa


Increase in leads and walk-ins


Increase in conversions


ROI delivered


Smartphone penetration has digitized the entire patient journey today, and online reputation and engagement are key drivers of patient choice. Hyperlocal searches drive the discovery of products and services in healthcare, with consumers looking for providers in a specific geographic area.

It is pertinent to note that consumer searches for doctor/specialty/conditions outnumber direct hospital searches.

Credibility, authority, and relevant content on social media is an important signal to prospective leads in the healthcare industry.

2/3 of Healthcare searches

Are location-specific ‘Near Me’ searches

89% of Healthcare searches

Start on Google

> 50% of Healthcare searches

Lead to consumer action within 24 hrs

Challenges – Lack of a seamless chat Inbox from Google

No focus on the top drivers of digital discovery, decision-making, and engagement.

The business did not have any strategy to tap into consumers searching for doctors & specialties.


Digital Presence – No doctor/specialty listings on Google → Affects organic discovery during search, resulting in lost high-potential leads & patients.

Decision Making

Online Reputation – No mechanism to regularly get patient reviews on Google at the hospital and doctor level. Lack of a solution to manage reviews in a scalable manner- responding to all reviews on time → Impacts discovery & patient choice.

Solution – Chat Inbox for Google Business Messages APIs

Zceppa’s discovery products ensured an increase in patient enquiries and conversions in 2 actionable steps

Zceppa Listings helped create, optimize, and continuously manage 30 doctor and speciality listings or profiles on Google.

Zceppa Reviews enabled hospitals, doctors, and specialties to consistently get and respond to patient reviews on Google at scale. Leaderboard, goal-based approach, and gamification helped improve customer service team performance and responsiveness, ensuring consistent org-wide review management process.

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