How Zceppa Helped a Premium Skin Clinic Maximize Leads from Near Me Search

How Zceppa Helped a Premium Skin Clinic Maximize Leads from Near Me Search

Premium Dermatology & Aesthetic Skin Clinic In Bangalore

How Zceppa Helped a Premium Skin Clinic Maximize Leads from Near Me Search

Key Metrics


New Reviews

4.2 – 4.7

Google Rating Improvement


Growth in search visibility


Increase in new patient Appointments


ROI delivered


As technology continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry, the emergence of digital within skincare is no exception. Mobile usage has become a driving force as it forecasts impressive sales numbers estimated at over 85% – making Digital a vital element throughout every stage of the local buying journey from discovery to purchase.

Skin clinics can leverage this trend by optimizing their online presence for hyperlocal search.

1 in 2 searches

Are ‘Near Me’ searches

88% of Mobile users

Search for healthcare services online

76 % ‘Near Me’ searches

Lead to consumer action within 24 hrs

Challenges – Lack of consistent digital presence on Google

Lack of a strong digital presence and reputation on Google and other social platforms. No focus on top drivers of local discovery, consumer choice, and conversions.

Lack of Customer Engagement

No mechanism to send targeted communication like product and promo offerings to customers

Customer Reviews

Despite having 100s of patients every month, there was no mechanism to collect & manage customer reviews consistently and build a credible online reputation

Local Social Activity

There was no content strategy to actively engage with the clientele on digital channels through regular social media content sharing


Create a strong digital presence & reputation on search & social platforms to increase organic and inbound leads and conversions from mobile ‘Near Me’ search.

Solution – Review management to enhance reputation

Zceppa’s Discovery Products Ensured ’Near Me’ search Dominance In 3 Actionable Steps

Zceppa Campaign provided an All-in-one platform for messaging high-intent customers with relevant content to drive conversions via SMS and WhatsApp.

Review Manager enabled the skin clinic to collect and respond to customer reviews at scale and get access to data and insights to improve performance and ROI. As a result, the average rating increased by 0.5 points over a period of just 6 months.

Zceppa Social empowered the skin clinic to share informational and promotional content across multiple platforms and locations in a simple manner.

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