Multi-Brand Auto Dealership Improved Lead Conversion & CX From Google Business Messaging

Multi-Brand Auto Dealership Improved Lead Conversion & CX From Google Business Messaging

A Leading South Indian Auto Dealer in Chennai With 50+ Sales/Service Touch Points Spanning Multiple Car, Bike and EV Brands.

Key Metrics


Inbound leads across Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp in a 9-mon period


Of inquiries contributed to new leads


Timely response rates resulting in superior customer experience

About The Customer

The House of Khivraj is a highly respected and well-known brand in South India. A highly diversified business with a legacy spanning over 8 decades, Khivraj has automobile dealerships for Motorcycles, Passenger Cars, Small Commercial vehicles, LCVs, MUVs, HCV trucks, and buses. Spread over four generations, the group is family-owned and operates in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Bangalore, Karnataka. 

With over 75 multi-brand automobile dealerships and an annual turnover of more than 360 Crores, they sell over 30,000 vehicles and serve more than 2 million customers annually.


The journey of product and service discovery for a consumer today starts with an online search. Google search is a key channel for high-intent inbound leads & customers. Consumers evaluate options based on the accuracy of information on websites, Google Business Profiles (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB). They rely on online reputation like Google Reviews and star ratings to narrow down their choices. 

Today’s consumers largely prefer to engage with businesses via private messaging channels more than ever before. Instant messaging and chats are great tools for businesses to ensure the connectedness of their brands to the end consumer.

75% searches

Are location-specific or hyperlocal in nature

89% message

To learn about a product or service

1st choice

For consumers <45 years of age to reach businesses

Challenges – Lack of direct messaging from search to engage customers

The brand, which stands for excellent customer service, was entering the digital age. With the changing times and focus on digital, there was a need to adapt and transform their entire marketing efforts to focus on technology, processes, and metrics relevant to social media and digital channels. There was also an immediate need to capitalize on leads from that section of their consumer base that preferred new-age digital interactions.

Lack of a Location Specific Messaging Strategy

It was important for customers and searchers to be able to reach out and speak with the business through messaging channels from Google. With a sizable footprint of 50+ dealership locations, the business knew they were not taking advantage of every lead looking for them. Also, doing it manually from the dealer’s Google Business Profile was both clunky and time-consuming.

No Automation/Tracking of Inquiries from Google Business Profiles

There was no mechanism for the central digital team to manage consumer messages from Google search and maps, thereby depriving them of valuable information on potential leads. The marketing team was spending a lot of time jumping across channels, resulting in slower response and poor customer experience, not to mention lost leads.

Solution – Google Business Messages based chat solution

The main objective for the Zceppa – Khivraj partnership was two-fold. First was to ensure the Khivraj team could track every customer interaction/message at every dealer location. Second, was to eliminate the friction around messaging and help the marketing team manage and respond to customer queries and inbound inquiries seamlessly from search and social channels.

Zceppa is an official partner for Google Business Messages. Over the last 4 years, we have purpose-built a sophisticated enterprise-grade messaging platform integrating key messaging channels. 

Interact, Zceppa’s Unified Inbox offering integrates multiple messaging channels into a single interface so that business users can seamlessly chat with customers.

Once implemented, the business was able to get and convert a significant number of new leads that landed on the dealer GBP through Google Business Messaging. They could also provide a superior experience and customer service to returning customers by sharing accurate info through a channel that customers prefer to communicate.

Conversation starters and quick reply templates ensured the business stayed responsive. Alerts allowed teams to get notified in case a query was lost in the pile. 

Conversation & Customer Tagging, a feature that allows the user to tag and categorize chats, helped them retrieve messages easily.

Ruby, Digital Lead of Khivraj, says – “Zceppa’s Interact serves our team really well to manage all our inbound inquiries across multiple channels seamlessly. Brand-specific digital team members are able to respond and convert conversations into leads easily. Thanks to Zceppa.”

Advanced Insights and analytics enabled businesses to understand customer sentiment, response times, and areas of improvement.

  • Zceppa Interact was enabled for all of the 50 sales and service locations. This helped the business locations seamlessly receive direct inbound customer queries from Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp within Zceppa.
  • Notifications provided timely reminders to team members so queries could be responded to in a timely manner.
  • Insight reports provided response rates that helped take corrective action.

Customer’s Testimonial

“Zceppa’s Interact is a great productivity improvement tool for my team; timely interactions have resulted in higher lead conversion plus insights on unread conversations and employee level monitoring on responses have helped us sharpen focus.”

-Gopalakrishnan, Brand Lead for Digital Initiatives of Khivraj.

Business Outcomes

Team Zceppa implemented Zceppa Interact for Google Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp for all 50 centers of Khivraj. With this, the team could manage inbound inquiries and leads from across these 3 important messaging channels for 50+ locations within a unified chat inbox. The central team could then tag, ticket, and assign conversations to team members for further actions.

Conversation insights and downloadable reports provided important metrics like response times, unread or unanswered conversations, and types of customer queries.
Zceppa Interact helped build a database of qualified leads for the business so they could re-target the customers through WhatsApp campaigns, Ads, and offers.

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