How Zceppa’s Listing Management Achieved 60% Organic Lead Growth

How Zceppa’s Listing Management Achieved 60% Organic Lead Growth

Multi-specialty hospital situated in Jaipur, renowned for its excellence in heart failure treatment and distinguished team of heart transplant surgeons, doctors, and specialists.

How Zceppa's Listing Management Achieved 60% Organic Lead Growth

Key Metrics

2.1K keywords

Doctor profiles ranked for 3170 new keywords

60% increase

in hyperlocal search discovery


New patients acquired in the 1st month

Cost per Lead < Rs. 50

Delivering 50X ROI

>Rs 3 Lakhs +

Incremental monthly revenue realized


In today’s digital age, smartphones have transformed how patients navigate their healthcare journey. Search, more specifically ‘hyperlocal search’ – search in a specific area or location – drives discovery. Consumers doing such searches have an immediate need and are high on intent – making them high potential inbound leads for hospitals.

2/3 of Healthcare searches

Are location-specific or hyperlocal in nature

89% of Healthcare searches

Start on Google

> 50% of Hyperlocal Healthcare searches

Are for doctors/specialty/condition

76% of consumers doing such searches

Take action within 24 hours – call, message, or
schedule an appointment

Challenges – Missing Doctor Profiles on Google My Business

  • The newly opened facility in a different city wanted to maximize inbound leads and walk-ins.
  • However, the doctors in the new hospital did not have any direct presence on Google through a practitioner Google Business Profile (GBP).
  • This affected organic discovery and top-of-search position and ranking in Google Local Pack for relevant specialty or condition-specific hyperlocal searches.
  • The hospital was losing high-potential inbound leads and patients to competition, resulting in significant revenue loss.

Solution – Listing Management & Practitioner Listings on Google

Zceppa products helped the hospital increase inbound leads, patient enquiries, and walk-ins from hyperlocal specialty/doctor searches.

  • Zceppa’s Listing Management helped create and manage 12 doctor profiles across 10 specialties on Google.
  • Ranking in Google Local Pack for these profiles was tracked and optimized by the hospital through keyword analytics and search insights.
  • Rank and competition tracking enabled them to prioritize and address top drivers of Local Pack ranking, such as reviews and localized content.

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