How Zceppa’s Review Management Tool Maximized Leads from Near Me Search

How Zceppa’s Review Management Tool Maximized Leads from Near Me Search

Leading fertility chain with multiple locations

How Zceppa's Review Management Tool Maximized Leads from Near Me Search

Key Metrics


New Reviews in 6 months


Google Rating Improvement


Growth in search visibility


Increase in new patient Appointments


ROI delivered


Local buying journey now starts online with a mobile search. In their moment of need, consumers rely on mobile search to find products, services, or businesses in their neighborhood. Digital influences every step of this journey, from search to sale, emerging as the key driver of leads and conversions for multi-location businesses. It is no different for Fertility Clinics.

1 in 2 searches

Are location-specific or hyperlocal in nature

900 % growth

In 2 years

76 % ‘Near Me’ searches

Result in action within 24 hrs

Challenges – Lack of a seamless chat Inbox from Google

No focus on top drivers of local discovery, consumer choice and conversions

Local Digital Presence

Many locations had Incomplete & inaccurate listings on Google, adversely impacting ’Near Me’ search discovery

Customer Reviews

Despite having 100s of patients every month, there was no mechanism to collect & manage customer reviews consistently

Local Social Activity

No mechanism to post content regularly across social channels


Maximize Inbound leads and conversions at every location from mobile ’Near Me’ search

Solution – Chat Inbox for Google Business Messages APIs

Zceppa’s Discovery Products Ensured ’Near Me’ search Dominance In 3 Actionable Steps

Create, manage & optimize digital listings on key platforms

Boost reputation & credibility by getting & managing customer reviews at scale with review management

Create and publish relevant and engaging local content

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