Unified Inbox to chat 2-way chat across direct messaging channels

WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages or DMs on Instagram
Allow customers to seamlessly communicate with your location teams through any channel of their choice

Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp
Conversational Commerce with One Inbox

Multiple Channels, one inbox

Unified Inbox

All your conversations in one place – No need to switch between platforms or devices


Respond quickly to new enquiries and get started in seconds


Use in-built templates and pre-approved content to quickly converse with customers

Converse with context

Know the complete history of every customer interaction

Respond on the go, delight your customers & get more business


Ensures you are always on top & allows you to respond from anywhere

Quick Reply

Simple automations enhance productivity and efficiency in responding to queries

Track Conversations

Mark read and un-read conversations

Ticket Follow-ups

Assign conversations to team members and monitor progress


Leverage in-built analytics to continuously improve performance

Conversational commerce with Zceppa's mobile app
Accelerate growth with conversational commerce

Accelerate growth with conversational commerce


Increase in conversations rates


Increase in sales

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Zceppa’s products empower your business to win every mobile-first consumer interaction across the buying journey.

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